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Middle-end Rubber Hose

Simple description:


     Products applicable to high buildings, highway, bridges, tunnels, water projects, nuclear power plants and other construction machinery concrete pump truck delivery end connections.

     The Rubber hose has the characteristics of high abrasion / wearing resistance, strong flexibility, anti-burst and so on.

      Specially used for Long Spiral Drilling rig and pilling machine in construction site.with more flexiblity and softy feature.


        1、High pressure end flange head: adopted 45Mn2M pipe, and quenching treatment makes it superior in wear-resisting.

        2、Inter Hose line:we adopt natural rubber and new type accelerants,ensuring strong elasticity and flexibility in construction.

        3、Reinforcement:4layers of high tensile steel wire+rubber,bring high pliability of rubber hose,at the same time,improved working and burst pressure in usage. 

        4、Hose Cover:SBR/NR,Abrasion resistant and anti aging.


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